Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last Post for Road to WEG

Although the road to WEG is over, I thought it would be good to put in one last post. Obviously, there couldn't be 5 more disappointed people than the US 3 Day Event Team. Having been behind the scenes during and leading up to the event, I can say without exception that these 5 people tried their hearts out to win a medal and unfortunately it did not happen. That is sport and anyone involved with horses knows that anything can happen.

Now it is time to regroup and set our very determined sites on London.

Thanks for reading and supporting Phillip's Road To WEG!



XRDS said...

I don't understand why Phillip has not written on what is represented as his blog. I appreciate Evie's perspective but would have liked to have heard from Phillip!

Walter P said...

Great reading tthis