Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dressage Day 2

Good news first - Karen did a nice and steady test to add to our team score with a 44. Becky and Comet had a beautiful test and scored a 39.8. There were some amazing scores and tests throughout the day with Michael Jung in the lead on a 33!

Phillip was very disappointed with his test. It started off well with some lovely extensions in the trot work and good lateral work. Woodburn's canter can be a bit difficult to hold steady and together and unfortunately after getting 9-9-8 for his medium canter down the long side, Woodburn got tense and switched leads in the corner. Once this mistake was made it was hard to get him back to where he was and the damage was done. His score of 48 could easily have been in the low 40s. However, that is behind us now. As Jan Byyny said "the fat lady has not sung yet".

So, we head in to cross country day. I do hope (and pray) that I will have good news to report from all our riders.

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