Friday, October 1, 2010

Dressage Day 1

The Americans are off to a good start. Our first team rider out is Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos. Neville can be a bit tricky, but Boyd kept it all together for a personal best score of 49. Buck rode BallyNoe Castle RM (aka Reggie) later in the day and scored well with a 47. Reggie did some beautiful trot work but just got a bit tense in the walk and rein back. The judges seem to be looking for a relaxed test that is fault free. I did not see the current leader, Simone Dietermann, a German rider who is riding as an individual, test but she is on a score of 36. The other good scores of the day came from Ingrid Klimke who is in 2nd on a score of 41 and William Fox Pitt on a score of 42. At the moment the team scores have the Germans in the lead, the Aussies in 2nd and the Brits third with the US in 4th.

Phillip rides Woodburn at the end of the day. He has been doing some lovely work and we are keeping are fingers and toes crossed that he keeps it all together and produces his best in the test.

We have all been enjoying watching the other disciplines as well. The Dressage Freestyle is tonight and apparantly is the only event that has been sold out. Reining is also a big favorite here drawing big crowds. The weather continues to be nice with temps in the 70s today.


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