Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Heat!

I am sure its the same for almost everyone ... we are in the middle of a pretty nasty heat wave on the east coast. Luckily last week was a bit cooler for us while we hosted our annual camp. The camp days were long but very rewarding. It means so much more as a teacher and coach when you get to know each rider and horse on a day to day basis. I really enjoyed our group this year and look forward to following their progress throughout the year.

Milo and Woodburn returned from their dressage month in Florida with Oded Shimoni. It has been a great exercise for both horses and for me as well. Woodburn is so much more trusting now and is accepting of the work and training. Sometimes he can be a bit of a red head!

Milo is getting ready for his first run in leadup to the WEG. This will be the CIC*** at Rebecca Farm in Montana. It is really exciting as there is a group of east coast horses going out to support the event. I sure do hope it is cooler in Montana!


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